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3 min readSep 28, 2023

With the launch of our Mainnet one month ago, we have been hard at work, bringing more integrations, partnerships, and general improvements to AZERO.ID. Today, we would like to introduce you to the newest feature of our platform!

You can now track your on-chain referral statistics on our new referral page. Next to tracking your referral performance, this new page lets you easily access your referral link and provides a leaderboard that lets you compare your performance with your peers in the AZERO.ID community.

Moreover, with how much support we have received over the last month, we would like to celebrate and give out additional rewards in a now-starting referral competition! Let’s go over all the details.

Recap — How on-chain referrals work

We built the on-chain referral system designed to mutually benefit both the referrer and the referred. If you recommend AZERO.ID to someone, you’ll receive a 5% bonus. Additionally, the person you’ve referred will benefit from a 5% discount on their registration fee. This system not only thanks you for spreading the word about AZERO.ID but also welcomes newcomers with a registration discount.

Dashboard layout

The referral dashboard will provide you with all the details on your own referral performance as well as show a global leaderboard of the best referrers. Here is what it’s all about:

Accessing the dashboard: Begin your referral journey by navigating to ‘’. Additionally, you can access the referral page via the quick links in your main domain dashboard.

Get your unique referral link: If you are connected to the dapp, the dashboard will show your individual referral link based on your primary domain. Whenever someone uses this link, your domain is pre-selected in the referral field at the checkout of the domain registration.

Awards & achievements: The dashboard keeps track of your personal referral performance and displays your achievement badge depending on your rank. This is followed, by a detailed leaderboard that lets you compete with the entire AZERO.ID community.

The referral competition!

To make the referral system fun and even more rewarding, we are starting a referral competition that will run for two weeks.

After the two weeks are over, every participant will be paid an additional 5x what he has earned with the referrals. And for the top 10 performers, we even 10x the rewards! This is the fastest 10x you can get in crypto.

Suppose you’ve earned 6 AZERO by introducing 20 new domain users to our platform. Not only will you receive your original 6 AZERO, but an additional 24 AZERO will also be credited to you. That’s a total of 30 AZERO for your amazing effort! And our top 10 referrers? They stand to gain an impressive 54 additional AZERO.

And for the overall winner, we will give out a 15x reward in his referrals!

Rules? There are no rules, do whatever it takes to climb up the ladder.

Just one notice, previous referrals done since our Mainnet launch count into the overall score as well! We want to reward users who have already made use of our on-chain referral system.

This is the most lucrative reward campaign we held so far. Who will be on top of the leaderboard and win the competition?

May the fun begin!


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