Protocol Audit by Kudelski Security

3 min readAug 2, 2023


We are excited to announce that Kudelski Security has successfully completed a comprehensive smart contract code review and security audit for the AZERO.ID protocol. This is a major step in ensuring the highest security guarantees for our users and a flawless domain experience on Aleph Zero. Kudelski Security is a leading cybersecurity technology, services and auditing company in web2 and web3.

Find the full audit report here:

Ensuring highest security standards

Ensuring the security and integrity of our smart contracts has always been a priority during our development process. We understand that trust is the cornerstone of any successful open web3 protocol, and we remain steadfast in our commitment to protecting our users. The successful completion of this security audit further validates our dedication to providing a secure and reliable AZERO.ID platform.

The result of the extensive code audit from Kudelksi Security proves our strong focus on developing secure and resilient software. Throughout the audit, only nine low-severity issues and two informational issues have been identified. Low-severity issues have “little to no affect from the vulnerability being compromised”.

All relevant findings have been resolved

We are happy to share that we have resolved all low-severity findings of relevance already during the audit process and before the announcement of this audit. Other low-severity findings such as the absence of a pause function or the admin-led contract have been acknowledged. While lacking a pause function is fully intended to keep the protocol as permissionless as possible, the admin key (multi-sig) of the contract is necessary to ensure future development of the protocol.

Overall, the audit consisted of a detailed examination of our smart contract protocol, including an assessment of the overall security posture and any risks associated with the smart contracts. The final audit report highlights the high code quality of the AZERO.ID smart contracts and the mindful security considerations present in our development.

Who is Kudelski Security?

Kudelski Security is a leading cybersecurity, technology, and audit services company that is most well-known to service some of the largest technology enterprises in the world. They have also made a name for themselves in blockchain auditing by working with well-known teams such as Ledger, Aleph Zero, Algorand, Solana and others.

Recently, they have partnered with the Aleph Zero Foundation allowing community builders and developers access to their services, strengthening the entire ecosystem. Their focus is on providing a holistic security perspective for web3 protocols. Kudelksi Security is an official partner of the Aleph Zero Ecosystem Funding Program in which AZERO.ID participates as one of the very first grantees.

Kudelski Links: Website | Twitter | Research

What’s next?

The AZERO.ID mainnet is coming (very) soon. Until then, in case you missed our last community announcement, we have plenty of quests to do on our Zealy quest board, including the ability to get on the whitelist! Just join our Zealy, complete the OG tasks to get the role, and submit feedback during our testnet phase. It sounds pretty easy, so what are you waiting for? Come join the fastest-growing domain community on Aleph Zero and beyond!

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