Introducing Nameverse

3 min readApr 30, 2024


We are excited to announce Nameverse to the world to bring the masses onchain. Nameverse will steer the direction and development of AZERO.ID and other exciting infrastructure products helping to fulfill our vision. This blog post gives you an introduction to what Nameverse is all about.

Web3 UX is Still Broken

One of the biggest challenges in Web3 that remains unsolved is account complexity. The majority of users struggle with handling complex wallet addresses, often resulting in the loss of funds. From address poisoning attacks to a small typo that sends funds unrecoverably into the ether, wallet addresses are not a scalable identifier to transact onchain.

At the same time, more and more applications, wallets, and other use cases aim for widespread adoption in day-to-day scenarios. Web3 is on the verge of enabling Web2-like user experiences that abstract away the complexities of interacting with a blockchain. With account abstraction, scalable rollups on top of Ethereum, new blockchains enhancing privacy and security, as well as an ever-improving layer of interoperability solutions, we are closer than ever to achieving this goal. However, onchain domains and usernames struggle to scale and meet the growing requirements of the Web3 space. It’s not only enough to abstract a single wallet address, but finding a solution for multiple wallets, smart accounts and on various different chains.

Onchain Names for Everyone

With Nameverse, we aim to solve this. Our goal is to push the adoption of onchain domains and usernames and ultimately, help create a Web3 where complex alphanumerical wallet addresses are a thing of the past. From the onboarding and the first touchpoint with Web3 to daily active power users, every Web3 interaction should be as simple and easy to use as possible.

To create a sustainable and long-term oriented setup, we have formed the non-profit Nameverse Association in Switzerland. This organization will govern and steer the development of projects such as AZERO.ID but also other upcoming projects such as Smart Domains that aim to fulfill the Nameverse mission. This strategy will also create interesting synergies within the Nameverse product portfolio. For example, the upcoming Smart Domain protocol could be used to scale the AZERO.ID namespace to the entire Web3 world and enable support in Metamask and any other major wallet and application.

Going forward, we will share more exciting news on our vision, how Nameverse aims to shape the future of Web3, and how we will say goodbye to complex wallet addresses with different exciting products. If you want to stay up-to-date, please subscribe to our newsletter at

See you in the Nameverse!




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