Inside Aleph Zero #7 — kintsu.azero

3 min readApr 10, 2024


Welcome back to the seventh episode of Inside Aleph Zero where we aim to bring you closer to the people and projects in the Aleph Zero ecosystem!

This time, we’re excited to present a project that’s poised to become a cornerstone and vital part of unlocking an unmatched amount of liquidity for the entire ecosystem. Meet Kintsu, the next-generation liquid staking protocol developed on Aleph Zero.

AZERO.ID: For the start, please give us a description of what Kintsu does!

Kintsu: Absolutely! Kintsu is a liquid staking protocol designed to address the liquidity challenges faced by networks that were previously fragmented. Our mission is to empower users by providing them with the ability to seamlessly participate in decentralized finance (DeFi) activities while still contributing to the security of the network through staking. We believe that users should not have to compromise between security and accessibility in the world of blockchain, and Kintsu aims to bridge that gap effectively.

AZERO.ID: What makes your product special?

Kintsu: Kintsu is the most decentralized liquid staking protocol ever. With a decentralized staking registry, our users will be able to decide who validates for Kintsu. Also, Kintsu’s staking architecture allows for programmatic bonding and unbonding, so we never custody private keys.

AZERO.ID: What was the reason to choose Aleph Zero as the underlying Blockchain?

Kintsu: Aleph Zero caught our attention for its impressive performance as a ZK chain. While there are few chains as fast as Aleph Zero, what really sets it apart is its commitment to prioritizing user privacy. This aligns perfectly with our vision for Kintsu and ensures a secure and confidential environment for our users’ transactions.

AZERO.ID: What are the biggest challenges for you right now?

Kintsu: At this moment, our attention is directed towards crafting an unparalleled user experience tailored specifically for our valued community. We’re pouring our energy, expertise, and passion into every detail, ensuring that every interaction, every feature, and every aspect of our platform exceeds expectations and resonates with our users on a profound level.

AZERO.ID: Any new updates that you would like to share?

Kintsu: We will be launching on Aleph Zero mainnet in Q2 of this year! Stay tuned as we roll out the details of our points program.

AZERO.ID: What does the roadmap of the project look like for the rest of 2024?

Kintsu: 2024 so far has been the return of DeFi. For DeFi to succeed on Aleph Zero, there needs to be massive and flexible liquidity. Kintsu’s main goal for the year is to make both staking and LST liquidity accessible to all in the ecosystem. For Aleph Zero users, staking with Kintsu and deploying kAZERO in DeFi should become second nature.

AZERO.ID: How can our readers join the Kintsu community?

Kintsu: Follow us on Twitter and join our Discord! Look out for special announcements and initiatives for early users. 👀

AZERO.ID: Thanks a lot! We wish Kintsu all the best for the future and are excited to have you in the community!

The ‘Inside Aleph Zero’ interview series aims to introduce you to key individuals and projects in the Aleph Zero ecosystem. All participants in this format have their domains officially reserved for the mainnet launch according to our methodology.

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