Inside Aleph Zero #3: Interlock.azero

3 min readFeb 13, 2023

Welcome back to the third episode of Inside Aleph Zero where we aim to bring you closer to the people and projects in the Aleph Zero ecosystem. This time, instead of introducing an individual from the Aleph ZERO ecosystem, we will talk about one of the ecosystems' OG projects.

We are happy to be joined by Andrew Ciaccia, CMO of Interlock, the upcoming go-to solution for blockchain-based security products.

AZERO Domains: Hey, Andrew. For the start, please give us a really short description of what Interlock does!

Andrew: Hi! At Interlock, we’re building blockchain-based security products. Our first product, ThreatSlayer, is a free browser extension that protects you against browser-based attacks like phishing and malware, and pays you for sharing anonymized threat data. We generate revenue by selling this anonymized security data as threat intelligence.

AZERO Domains: What makes your product special?

Andrew: Giving enterprise-grade security for free, while allowing users to earn $ILOCK for sharing security data. We’ve built AI Threat Detection that detects new scam sites in real time, and our protection is preventative, so it protects you BEFORE you download something bad or give away your credentials. Products like ThreatSlayer are usually paid for and used by large enterprises.

AZERO Domains: Why will every user in crypto want to use Interlock in the future?

Andrew: Will every user want to use ThreatSlayer, probably not. But should they…absolutely! Using our products can help improve your security posture to help keep your data and wallet safe. Also, our product works whether you’re a web2 or web3 user. All you need is a Chrome, Edge, or Brave Browser and Firefox is coming soon.

AZERO Domains: What was the reason to choose Aleph Zero as the underlying Blockchain?

Andrew: We decided to build on Aleph Zero due to its blockchain solution’s reliable and highly efficient nature and the potential for cross-chain bridging. This feature would allow us to decentralize the Interlock logic without revealing how the heuristics work or what they are computing, which is advantageous against scammers.

Their ultra-talented team knows how to engineer distributed systems — and they’re doing it right. We wanted to work with a team that prioritized correctness and rigor over flashy marketing headlines. Also, we love the Aleph Zero community. They’re a dedicated, smart and fun bunch to interact with. We’re glad to have many Aleph Zero supporters in the Interlock community!

AZERO Domains: Let us come back to Interlock, do you have any plans to decentralize the governance of the project at some point in time?

Andrew: We don’t have plans to decentralize governance, but we do have plans to decentralize our threat detection by creating community nodes.

AZERO Domains: What does the roadmap of the project look like for 2023?

Andrew: ThreatSlayer is currently in beta (protection only, rewards coming soon). Our token launch on Aleph Zero, and building our B2B software and data business are next on our 2023 roadmap!

AZERO Domains: How can our readers join the interlock community?

Andrew: Follow our Twitter for the latest updates. And join our Telegram or Discord.

AZERO Domains: Thanks a lot, Andrew! We wish you and Interlock all the best for the future and are excited to have you in the community!

The ‘Inside Aleph Zero’ interview series aims to introduce you to key individuals and projects in the Aleph Zero ecosystem. All participants in this format have their domains officially reserved for the mainnet launch according to our methodology.

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