Inside Aleph Zero #1: Daniel.azero

3 min readJan 24


We are excited to start our new Interview format ‘Inside Aleph Zero’ to bring you closer to people and projects from the Aleph Zero ecosystem!

For the start of this series, we would love to introduce you to someone, all of you might already know. Daniel Ozluer has been one of the first full-time community managers for the Aleph Zero Foundation supporting the community across all channels including Telegram and Discord.

AZERO Domains: Hey Daniel! What drew you to the crypto industry?

Daniel: The core values of crypto are what drew me to the industry. I think that (at its heart) crypto offers a transparent, fair, and viable alternative to the financial mechanisms in use today.

AZERO Domains: What inspired you to become a Community Manager for Aleph Zero?

Daniel: I was originally a member of the community myself (I still am!). I believe the Aleph Zero community is inclusive and open. We have members from all over the world, and our community is a great place to discuss a range of topics from traditional markets to what you did on the weekend! After participating in the community several hours a day for many months and engaging in volunteer work as a moderator, I decided that the Community Manager role was right for me!

AZERO Domains: How do you think blockchain technology will change the future?

Daniel: I think blockchain technology is going to change the future by continuing to produce innovative solutions and products that have real-world use cases. As the industry grows bigger, it will be able to deliver increasingly groundbreaking solutions which will change the online world as we know it.

AZERO Domains: What do you believe to be the biggest challenges facing the crypto industry today?

Daniel: I think the biggest single challenge facing the crypto industry today is regulation or the lack of it in many areas.

AZERO Domains: What do you love about Aleph Zero?

Daniel: Everything! The people, the wider community, and the values are just some of the things I love about Aleph Zero.

AZERO Domains: How will the Aleph Zero blockchain evolve in the next 5 years?

Daniel: It's difficult for me to project my mind five years into the future. I definitely think the team will be a lot bigger than it is now, and so will the community. By that time there should also be many well-established use cases on the network!

AZERO Domains: What’s your favorite food?

Daniel: Hot Pot or Malatang!

AZERO Domains: What else would you love the community to know about you?

Daniel: I love techno and DnB!

AZERO Domains: How can people reach out to you if they have any questions?

Daniel: People can contact me across all platforms. The fastest way is possibly Telegram (@danielozluer) and Discord (Daniel Ozluer#2023)!

The ‘Inside Aleph Zero’ interview series aims to introduce you to key individuals and projects in the Aleph Zero ecosystem. All participants in this format have their domains officially reserved for the mainnet launch according to our methodology.

Keep posted and follow this series to get to know exciting projects and individuals in the Aleph Zero ecosystem!




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