Bringing Your Domain to Upcade

2 min readDec 11, 2023


We are thrilled to share some exciting news with you — AZERO.ID is teaming up with Upcade, a multiplayer web3 gaming hub, to enhance the user experience within Aleph Zero’s gaming space.

Upcade is also a member of the Ecosystem Funding Program (EFP) from the Aleph Zero Foundation, which aims to support ambitious teams pushing the ecosystem forward.

Better UX with Your Domain

Upcade will integrate the AZERO.ID domain resolver to simplify the user experience and lets you compete with your friends based on your real on-chain identity. Instead of complex alphanumerical wallet addresses, Upcade users will see the primary domain associated with their wallet(s) displayed in the front end once the first level of this integration is live.

Additionally, Upcade is working on a leaderboard system that will support AZERO.ID domains. Meanwhile, we’re actively investigating how our on-chain domains and identity can bring further value to the Upcade community.

Gaming is one of the most exciting verticals in web3. With Upcade, we’re dedicated to advancing the adoption of the AZERO.ID domain system through meaningful integrations, offering enhanced utility for our users within Aleph Zero.

About Upcade

Upcade is a multiplayer web3 gaming hub featuring an engaging, easy-to-play entertainment experience, bringing the web3 skill-to-earn model into action.

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AZERO.ID is the leading domain service for the Aleph Zero and Substrate ecosystem. AZERO.ID let’s users aggregate their on- and off-chain identity and solves the UX challenges of complicated wallet addresses. Moreover, leveraging the privacy framework of Aleph Zero, let’s AZERO.ID offers web3’s first privacy-preserving domain system enabling private domain-to-domain transfers.

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