Bringing Domains to Panjea

2 min readJan 17, 2024


AZERO.ID and Panjea are proud to announce a new partnership

Our domains will be coming to the world of Panjea, as part of the platform’s overall strategy to build alternative, creator-focused models of social media economies. With Panjea’s eyes firmly fixed on models of mass adoption, we will help to lower the barriers for non-Web3-aware creators and their audiences by providing the smoothest UX possible.

Panjea’s commercial lead, Kieron Bain about the partnership:

We’ve seen other Web3 social platforms lose people at the onboarding stage, and having a clear, simple onramp to Panjea will be a key part of our success. If we’re going to be the project that brings AZERO technology to the masses, then AZEROID’s features will make accessing Panjea as simple and easy as possible.’

AZERO.ID’s decentralized, permissionless, and fully on-chain usernames will enable Panjea to become even more robust and resist censorship and interference from corporate monopolies.

Statement of Mike, AZERO.ID co-founder:

This agreement marks the next exciting partnership amongst AZERO’s EFP projects — we’re driving growth into the ecosystem and proving the interoperability of blockchain solutions. This integration lets users in the Aleph Zero ecosystem create a unified web3 presence aggregated under their on-chain username.

Looking Forward

Beyond this first integration, one of the most significant next steps for the partnership will be to explore innovative ways to mirror some of the onboarding processes that characterize the current Web2 space. A fully frictionless solution, complete with the security and privacy benefits offered by the blockchain, will be the cornerstone of the Web3 experience. We are looking forward to being at the forefront of innovation together with Panjea.

About Panjea

Panjea is the web3 creator economy. Designed to put the value back into art, music, films and writing — users can access rewards for their work, style and order content in line with their choices, and participate in community decisions regarding the platform’s future.

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AZERO.ID is the leading domain service for the Aleph Zero and Substrate ecosystem. AZERO.ID let’s users aggregate their on- and off-chain identity and solves the UX challenges of complicated wallet addresses.

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