AZERO.ID: Your digital identity in one domain

4 min readMay 17, 2023


AZERO.ID: Your digital identity in one domain

We are thrilled to announce that AZERO Domains is now AZERO.ID.

After building for months and shaping our vision, we are close to launching the first name & identity solution on the Aleph Zero mainnet. Today, we introduce AZERO.ID and share our vision for the future of domains and identity on Aleph Zero and beyond!

Improving the UX of the entire ecosystem

Interacting with alphanumerical wallet addresses is proven to be error-prone, and their bad UX leaves attack vectors for phishing and scams. This results in significant amounts of funds lost each year and is a big hurdle for onboarding the next wave of users into Aleph Zero and Web3.

On-chain domains by AZERO.ID solve this by providing an easy way to transact or interact with applications on Aleph Zero. Your domain will be the starting point in creating your on-chain identity and exploring the ecosystem. The headache of double-checking wallet addresses repeatedly before making a transaction is now a thing of the past.

First-ever privacy-enhanced domain system

AZERO.ID will be the first-ever domain service offering private domain-to-domain asset transfers. This constitutes a huge leap in the user experience of on-chain domains since it's the first time users can leverage their identity via a domain without revealing their wallet balances and on-chain activities. All of this is powered by Liminal, the soon-to-be-released privacy framework of Aleph Zero.

But that’s by far not everything:

  • Attach arbitrary metadata records to your domain (social handles, verifiable credentials, etc.).
  • Issue subdomains to manage your community, employees, or NFT collection.
  • All domains are NFTs with full user custody.
  • With each domain, you get a personalized website to share all your social profiles, showcase NFTs, and more.

Testnet will be launched on 06/14/2023

We are excited to share with you, that the new AZERO.ID platform is ready to launch soon. We will start with our closed beta testing phase in only 4 weeks. After proper testing and the conclusion of our pending smart contract audit with Kudelksi Security, we will announce the start of our mainnet launch.

Participating in our testnet and providing valuable feedback still allows you to secure a spot on the whitelist. This whitelist spot makes you eligible to join our early access phase on the mainnet allowing our community to exclusively buy and register a domain one week before the general public.

Access to our upcoming testnet requires having the OG role in our Discord. By participating in our upcoming Zealy sprints, you still have the chance to obtain this prestigious OG role. The first sprints are live now, and more will follow. If you are not in our Zealy community yet, follow the link, connect your Discord account, and start solving quests.

Road to whitelist

Besides getting whitelisted by following the steps above, you also still have the chance to receive a whitelist spot by staking with our “AZERO.ID” validator node (previously “AZERO DOMAINS”). See our official staking tutorial.

Backed by incredible angels

We successfully raised an oversubscribed pre-seed funding round

We are thrilled to announce our most recent success in securing pre-seed round funding, which provides us with the necessary resources to expand our vision. We have been fortunate to be oversubscribed while attracting a remarkable cohort of individuals and early-stage funds who joined us on our AZERO.ID journey. Among others, we are exceptionally proud to be backed by incredible personalities from Aleph Zero, Parity Technologies, Web3 Foundation, Block54, nxgen, Rana Capital, and WWVentures.

Moreover, we have assembled a wealth of technical expertise within our group of investors, particularly in the areas of ink!, Substrate, Aleph Zero, and the Dotsama ecosystem. This strong foundation of knowledge bolsters our confidence and positions us for future growth as we move forward.

From winning the ETHWarsaw hackathon to becoming an official member of the Aleph Zero Ecosystem Funding Program (EFP), external funding makes the next logical step in becoming a key contributor to the Aleph Zero and Substrate ecosystems.

Expanding our vision

We envision AZERO.ID to become the leading domain and on-chain identity provider on Aleph Zero and the overall Substrate ecosystem. Thus, we have already started researching the expansion to the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystems with the vision to enable our products on all Parachains via the XCM technology.

The future of domains on Substrate is starting on Aleph Zero

On-chain domains will be the super apps of the next cycle. They replace usernames, bank accounts, and email addresses by linking the on-chain & off-chain identities of any user. They will ultimately become the core primitive of anyone’s digital identity. AZERO.ID stands at the forefront of driving these innovations into the future while putting users’ privacy first.




Your digital identity in one domain. On-chain name service for Aleph Zero and beyond.