AZERO.ID partners with on-ramp provider C14

3 min readAug 24, 2023


As of today, the AZERO.ID team is proud to announce our next fantastic partnership! C14, which offers users an easy on-ramp to buy crypto with fiat, will join us as our newest partner, integrating AZERO.ID domains and improving the UX of fiat-to-crypto onramping. Onramps like C14 are crucial in making crypto more accessible for everyone.

Onramp $AZERO directly to your domain

C14 uses our resolver library to enable direct fiat-to-crypto on-ramping to your AZERO.ID domain. This is especially convenient for regular users who no longer have to verify their wallet address's correctness while on-ramping. To onramp to a domain, head to the C14 payment widget, verify yourself and add your card details. Now, you can type your domain in the regular input field for the wallet address. And that’s it; you are set to get your next batch of AZERO tokens directly to your account via your unique AZERO.ID domain!

In addition to integrating our domains into the C14 payment widget, we directly link to the C14 payment widget in the AZERO.ID platform. A major use case for fiat on-ramps is onboarding new users to a chain by lowering the hurdle to purchase the first tokens to get started. Being the official domain and on-chain identity provider for Aleph Zero, many new users will start their Aleph Zero journey by registering their first domain. Providing these users with an easy way to purchase the first AZERO tokens is crucial for the overall user experience of our platform.

About C-14

C14 is a fiat-to-crypto payment ramp that makes it easy for users to buy crypto with credit or debit cards. C14 achieves this by integrating with the most well-adopted alternative payment methods in places with low card adoption. Next, to being the first on-ramp available on Aleph Zero, the project supports other prominent networks such as Ethereum, Arbitrum, Optimism, Hedera, and Evmos.

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