AZERO.ID partners with ArtZero

2 min readJul 26


We are proud to announce our next exciting partnership! ArtZero, Aleph Zero’s first NFT marketplace, will be integrating our smart contracts to allow bidding, browsing, and collecting of AZERO.ID domains. The team of ArtZero is part of the Aleph Zero Ecosystem Funding Program and has been developing and pushing the ecosystem since the beginning. ArtZero plays a crucial role in setting the stage for a growing NFT ecosystem on Aleph Zero.

Enabling a secondary market

Integrating with the ArtZero marketplace will bring the first secondary market for AZERO.ID NFT domains to the community. The ArtZero team has put in a great amount of effort to support AZERO.ID domain smart contracts since our domains are not basic psp22 NFTs, but highly customized smart contracts offering crucial functionalities required for an on-chain domain system. The ability to trade domains fully permissionless, trustless, and on a decentralized infrastructure solves many existing challenges of web2 domain marketplaces and heavily improves the UC of domain trading.

This partnership extends the utility for AZERO.ID domain holders and helps to achieve an efficient distribution of domains in the .azero namespace. Further, the ArtZero marketplace integration is a great way to increase the awareness and adoption of AZERO.ID beyond the existing user group.

Trading on testnet is live

We are happy to announce that the integration is already live on the Aleph Zero testnet and you can start trading your .tzero domains. To do so, head over to and find the TZERO.ID Domains collection featured at the top of the page. We encourage you to test all marketplace functionalities with our domains and report any bug that occurs to ArtZero or our team via Discord.

This integration constitutes another milestone toward our mainnet launch and we are looking forward to sharing more exciting news in the upcoming weeks!

About ArtZero is the leading NFT marketplace on Aleph Zero. On top, ArtZero was the first NFT marketplace on Aleph Zero and is the first marketplace in the ecosystem to go multi-chain by integrating with the Astar Blockchain on Polkadot. Further, the ArtZero team is an official Aleph Zero Ecosystem Funding Program member and develops InkWhale, a token launchpad and yield platform on Aleph Zero.

Artzero links: Website | Twitter | Discord | Telegram | Medium


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