AZERO.ID partners with Abax Finance!

2 min readNov 21, 2023

We are thrilled to share some exciting news with you — AZERO.ID is joining forces with Abax Finance to deliver the best user experience in the defi lending space. Abax Finance is a community-driven, non-custodial lending protocol, built on the Aleph Zero network. This partnership is the next milestone in our goal to enable AZERO.ID support within the whole Aleph zero Ecosystem.

Better UX with your Domain

Abax Finance integrates the AZERO.ID domain resolver to simplify the user experience of the Abax lending protocol. Instead of complex alphanumerical wallet addresses, Abax users will now see the primary domain associated with their wallet(s) displayed in the front end.

Moreover, we are researching and exploring how our on-chain domains and identity can create additional value for the Abax lending community.

To celebrate this partnership, we are giving away 10 free domain coupons to the Abax and AZERO.ID community. Visit to get to know the details

About Abax Finance

Abax Finance is an innovative lending protocol that provides innovative features, granting users the flexibility to tailor lending parameters to their specific preferences. Notably, Abax Finance takes the lead as one of the first lending protocols to be developed in ink!, a cutting-edge eDSL for Rust Smart Contracts.

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AZERO.ID is the leading domain service for the Aleph Zero and Substrate ecosystem. By leveraging the privacy framework of Aleph Zero, we can create web3’s first privacy-preserving domain system enabling private domain-to-domain transfers.

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