AZERO.ID Domain Mayhem: The Zealy Event

2 min readAug 29, 2023


Unveiling “Domain Mayhem”

Hey there, tech fans and domain enthusiasts! We’ve got some big news from AZERO.ID — it’s time for the “Domain Mayhem” event! After our successful start, we’re ramping things up. You’re invited to jump into the world of domains, have a blast competing, and grab cool rewards!

Embark on a quest: learn and win!

Imagine a set of well-crafted missions designed to help you get comfortable with our app’s interface, uncover the secrets of DNS, understand our validator, and enjoy thought-provoking tasks. This journey isn’t a solo one — working with our community and diving into engaging activities are the core of these quests, making the experience complete and enjoyable.

As you conquer these quests, you’re not just gaining knowledge — you’re also earning yourself a shot at some amazing rewards! We’re talking multiple bundles of rewards up to $500 are up for grabs. And hey, if you’re one of the top contenders, you might even snag a free domain that lasts for a whole year!

Awesome prizes: What you can win

Here’s what we’re giving away during our Zealy sprint:

  • 1st Place: 70 $AZERO + Free Domain for a Year
  • 2nd Place: 50 $AZERO + Free Domain for a Year
  • 3rd Place: 40 $AZERO + Free Domain for a Year
  • 4th-6th Place: 30 $AZERO
  • 7th-9th Place: 20 $AZERO
  • 10th-20th Place: 10 $AZERO

Extra goodies for holders: More ways to win

But wait, there’s more! If you’re a “Holder” in our Discord community — which you can become by getting a .azero domain, sharing it on Twitter, and finishing our Zealy quest — you’ll have a shot at more rewards. You could win 20 $AZERO or one of our free domains!

Everyone can join

You heard it right! Everyone’s welcome! We’re starting today August 29th, and the fun goes on until September 7th. Get ready to explore, learn, and have a blast with AZERO.ID’s “Domain Mayhem” event. It’s all about coming together, learning new things, and having a chance to win cool stuff. Let’s make this a memorable adventure!


AZERO.ID is the leading domain service for the Aleph Zero and Substrate ecosystem. AZERO.ID let’s users aggregate their on- and off-chain identity and solves the UX challenges of complicated wallet addresses. Moreover, leveraging the privacy framework of Aleph Zero, let’s AZERO.ID offers web3’s first privacy-preserving domain system enabling private domain-to-domain transfers.

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