Aleph Zero integrates AZERO.ID into official wallet

3 min readSep 25, 2023


We are excited to share that the Aleph Zero Foundation is integrating AZERO.ID Domains into the official web wallet for the Aleph Zero Mainnet and Testnet. This integration is essential to push the UX in the Aleph Zero ecosystem. has been the first wallet that allows users to interact with the Aleph Zero network. Until today, is the most used wallet interface and the go-to solution for developers and tech-savvy users who make use of more advanced wallet setups and blockchain interactions.

Utilize the full power of AZERO.ID domains

To achieve a fully integrated domain and identity experience, we worked together with the Aleph Zero Foundation to make this integration as smooth as possible.

Accounts with a registered domain will now have the domain prominently displayed in the account overview. Also, the extended account view offers a direct link to your domain's associated ID page — a feature every domain owner can utilize. For accounts that don’t have set up a domain yet, the interface provides a subtle call to action to foster the adoption of the AZERO.ID domain service.

Another important feature being integrated into is our domain-to-address resolver library. This enables users to send transactions directly to domains instead of relying on complicated, hard-to-remember wallet addresses. This feature heavily improves the UX within and makes the wallet interface easier to handle for any type of transaction. Just type in the domain of the user you want to send funds to and automatically sends the funds to the right account.

The integration is now live on the Aleph Zero Testnet and can be accessed via We encourage everyone with access to our Testnet and domains to take some time and test the integration. Soon, the Aleph Zero Foundation will upgrade the Mainnet version of to enable domain functionality on the Aleph Zero mainnet.

This integration underlines the goal of the Aleph Zero Foundation and its ecosystem to create the blockchain with the best user experience possible. Together, we are committed to pushing the adoption of the AZERO.ID domain system with meaningful integrations that create utility for our users on Aleph Zero.


AZERO.ID is the leading domain service for the Aleph Zero and Substrate ecosystem. While being live on the Aleph Zero Mainnet to create web3’s first-ever privacy-preserving domain system, we are expanding and bringing our domain system to the entire Polkadot ecosystem with the first ink!-based and XCM-native multichain protocol, enabling a new level of UX within Polkadot.

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